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Your Ultimate Bath Guide: with Carron Baths


In this blog, discover the different styles and types of baths ideal for your bathroom, and find the wide variety of luxury baths Carron have to offer…



High-end freestanding | Cutting edge minimalist design | Traditional themes
When it comes to choice, Carron Baths have a bath to suit any style or budget


As one of Europe’s leading bath manufacturers, Carron Baths have outdone themselves in areas of innovation by providing simplistic and contemporary quality baths at affordable prices!

Using a special triple-layer reinforcement process, Carron Baths have coined a unique manufacturing procedure known as ‘Carronite’. Ensuring greater durability, strength and heat-retention than standard baths, they offer a confident 30-year manufacturer’s warranty!

Click here for further information on ‘Carronite’:





See below the different types of baths and discover which style would be the perfect fit for your ideal bathroom! No matter the bathroom space, design, or budget, there is always a bath suitable for you with Carron Baths.



Carron Celsius Single Ended Bath
[1700mm x 700mm | 265L]

Single-Ended baths usually fit in the corner of a bathroom, ideal for saving space while allowing for a luxurious bathing experience. Carron provides an entire range of baths with different features* and sizes to suit your bathroom and budget!

*Features include a whirlpool option, additional handrails for added stability, water-saving baths, headrests and more on selected baths.

See more Single-Ended Baths here.


Carron Haiku Double Ended Bath
[Different sizes available: 220L/230L/290L]

Double-Ended baths are all about luxury and typically have a larger capacity for bathing than Single-Ended or Corner Baths. Ideal for a larger bathroom, double-ended baths are perfect for fun bath times for families or a relaxing and comforting soak in your downtime.

Like single-ended baths, Carron offer a variety of features with double-ended baths.

See more Double-Ended Baths here.



Carron Celsius Showerbath
[1700mm x 750mm | 350L]


Showerbaths offer a practical solution by providing showering and bathing in one space! Combining both bathroom essentials, they present a unique option ideal for bathrooms that may not be able to accommodate a separate shower and bathing unit.

For specific features of Carron Showerbaths see the link below.

See more Showerbaths here.


Carron Dove Corner Bath
[1550mm x 950mm | 190L]

Corner Baths are a space-saving haven for small bathrooms! They showcase a magnificent style while providing a luxurious capacity for bathing – all while bringing out the best in your bathroom.

See more Corner Baths here.



Freestanding baths stand alone in the bathroom and create a spacious feel with their impressive aura. Making a luxuriously elegant accompaniment are freestanding bath shower mixers or bath fillers that complete the grandeur. Often with a fantastic capacity for water, these baths provide pure comfort and create an enchanting feel fit for a larger bathroom. Carron baths offer a striking range of freestanding baths with different sizes and styles for your perfect bathroom!


See more Freestanding Baths here



Perfect for larger bathrooms, Inset Baths imbue a seamless and lavish style for the utmost comfort and ease. Usually accompanied by deck-mounted bath fillers, bath taps or bath shower mixers, you can experience utter luxury and solace with insert baths!


Seem more Inset Baths here


*Features: Carron’s features are specific to the type of bath. Most products offer a free carronite upgrade when adding a c-lenda whirlpool system to a Carron bath. Example of some features Carron offer: Handgrip options for ease of access, whirlpool options, water-saving options and if it is suitable for showering.

See the product information of your desired bath here for more information. If in need of any assistance, do not hesitate to contact with us for further enquiries:


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