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Dudley Universal Cistern Servicing Kit

Dudley Universal Cistern Servicing Kit

Includes everything needed to service most lever operated WC cisterns: -Dudley Turbo 88 adjustable syphon -Dudley Hydroflo telescopic inlet valve -Sealing washer -Close-coupling fixing bolts -100 Mazak front lever Dudley's kit is: - A water-saving product

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Established in 1943, Baker and Soars is one of the UK's leading stockist of professional branded plumbing, kitchen and bathroom ranges.

From plumbing fixtures, to bathroom features, showers, wash basins, baths, sundries and spares. You name it - we've got it - and can deliver when you want, at a price you'll love.

Baker and Soars' unrivalled network of suppliers means that even if you can't see what you need online, we'll find the parts that you may have otherwise thought impossible to track down.

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Firstly, what is a bidet? Some may describe it as a shower toilet, a WC or put simply it’s a normal toilet but with a built-in washing feature that functions as a simple to use cleaning device that leaves you feeling shower-fresh. There are numerous types of bidets, the most popular being stand-alone bidets. They […]

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