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Rimless Toilets – What they are and why they’re gaining popularity


This blog will provide an explanation of what Rimless Toilets are, their design, purpose & functionality, and why their popularity in modern bathrooms is on the rise!



What are they?

Rimless Toilets are essentially a toilet without a rim; they are said to be the most hygienic and cleanest type of toilet. When you flush in traditional, standard toilets, water travels into the bowl and reaches the rim where bacteria can easily form. By removing that hard-to-clean rim, you are left with a seamlessly designed, additionally hygienic toilet!


Design & Purpose

An elegant design is produced without a rim, making it incredibly easier to clean. Instead of using brushes, sponges and toilet rim cleaners to try to disinfect the edge that you cannot see under, rimless toilets make cleaning immaculately fast, pristinely easy and simple with rapid cleaning around a smooth bowl. 

Removal of surfaces where bacteria formation can easily occur, you are left with a more sanitary and clean toilet in comparison to a standard one! Superior hygiene in the bathroom is not only achieved by rapid efficiency when cleaning but also through continued hygiene being maintained after each flush. In comparison to normal flushing, in rimless toilets, a direct flush shoots water out into the bowl to clean it much more effectively. With a more economical flush, your rimless toilet will stay cleaner for longer and will save you water with every flush!

Go the Extra Mile:

Rimless toilets are also available as a combined bidet! A combined bidet includes an integrated faucet located at the back of the toilet bowl for additional hygienic qualities. Creavit Bathrooms offer Traditional toilets, Rimless, Combined, and Rimless & Combined! See below for stunning images and explanations of these exemplary Turkish Toilets…


White Turkish combined bidetBack to Wall Toilet with a square design and rimless pan

Creavit Solo Rimless Combined Bidet Turkish Toilet in a Back to Wall Design


The Solo Turkish Toilet: Back to Wall Design.

  • Rimless
  • Combined bidet option
  • Back to Wall

Features a modern, standard design with a  rimless pan and combined bidet for superior hygiene qualities in the bathroom. Available without combined bidet feature. 






Creavit's Free Rimless Wall Hung Pan exemplifies modern excellence with a round, sleek design. Is without an integrated bidet however is available with one.

Creavit Free Rimless Turkish Toilet in a Wall Hung Pan Design


This Creavit toilet features a round, sleek style while embodying a contemporary wall hung style

Creavit Free Rimless Combined Bidet Turkish Toilet with a Wall Hung Pan Design

The Free Turkish Toilet: Wall Hung Design.

  • Rimless
  • Combined bidet option
  • Wall Hung Round

Available with a combined bidet but also without, as pictured here. With a rounded, contemporary design the Wall Hung Pan provides efficiency with rapid cleaning and a sleeker design in your bathroom space!






Features a square design Creavit's Elegant is a rimless and combined bidet with a wall hung pan style. Comprises of a neat, contemporary look.

Creavit Elegant Rimless Combined Bidet Turkish Toilet in a Wall Hung Pan Design


The Elegant  Turkish Toilet: Wall Hung Design

  • Rimless
  • Combined bidet option
  • Wall Hung Square

Similar to Creavit’s ‘Free’, the Elegant Toilet comprises an elegant square design providing variety for different bathroom styles!


See more stunning Turkish Toilets from Creavit Bathrooms below:

Creavit Solo Rimless Combined Bidet - Back to Wall Pan...
Creavit Free Rimless Wall Hung Pan FE322.00100
Creavit Elegant Rimless Wall Hung Pan EG321.00100



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