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Reina Designer Radiators – Clearance Sale


A number of discontinued Reina radiators are on special offer while stocks last. Boasting generous heat to cosy up your living space, select from a range of towel warmers, aluminium radiators and more.

Such are suitable for bathrooms by your shower or toilet, sitting on the wall. Conversely, easily install them down the hallway or in a bedroom. Reina have a multitude of designer radiators to clear. All are at unbeatable prices at Baker and Soars – with free delivery to most UK addresses.

Select from silvery chromes and brushed finishes, to anthracite black and pure whites – and settle on a horizontal or vertical design based on your living space.

We have featured a few to aid your decision making:

The most affordable towel rails of them all currently is the delightful Diva range, built to last you years while keeping costs low. Available in various finishes, you can choose from white, black or latte – as well as a curved or flat style. The BTU output and wattage are the same across the different finishes.

Reina Diva towel rail radiator in black with a height of 1200mm

Reina’s Diva Towel Rail Radiator in a black finish (500mm wide x 1200mm high)

Rails that are curved are cylindrical and feature rounded tubes whereas the flat radiators are cuboid and more angled. As far as heat output is concerned, the BTU and wattage do not vary depending on curved or flat styles, so it really is up to the design you prefer.

Named ‘towel’ rails, they are exactly that – the gaps mean there is increased airflow, leading to quicker warming of your towels as well as a quicker drying time when they’re damp. Step into warmth as soon as the cold hits you when you finish showering, great for your child’s bathtime experience. It’s also helpful if you have several people in the home.

Reina Diva towel rail radiator in white measuring 800mm in height

The Latte Diva flat towel rail radiator from Reina (400mm wide x 800mm high)

Reina have a few aluminium radiators also readily available at heavy discounts. These are extremely efficient as they are quick to conduct heat and radiate that heat, as well as last you a decade at the minimum. This is due to the incredible properties of the silvery, ductile element which includes corrosion resistance characteristics.

Consequently, you can leave it on for less time compared to other radiators which in turn cuts down the bills. Something we know you are thinking of amongst the current cost of living crisis.

These also have incredible design flexibility due aluminium’s malleable nature, leaving you with dozens of styles to reflect your personality or home. This means they can also be crafted to increase airflow to emit more heat, warming your bathroom space quicker without emptying your pockets.

Reina Alco aluminium radiator in white in the hallway

The aluminium Reina Alco horizontal radiator, in white (1800mm wide x 600mm high)

Constructed from high quality material, Reina also have a few mild steel radiators to clear. Mild steel radiators are the best selling material for radiators in the UK due to their long lasting nature and affordable production costs. The difference between mild steel and stainless steel is that mild steel is an alloy primarily with carbon, whereas stainless steel is an alloy with chromium. This results in different properties including resistance to corrosion, malleability and costs, with stainless steel being the better quality of the two – therefore at a higher price.

This is not to say mild steel radiators aren’t great, they are far more malleable due to the carbon content meaning radiators can be easily crafted from a practical perspective. Secondly, they are much lighter in weight creating an easy installation for yourself or your chosen tradesperson. Finally, although more prone to rust, a good quality manufacturing process for mild steel radiators is bound to last 10 years (providing it is properly cared for and fitted correctly), we can assure you Reina Designer Radiators promise high performance radiators as all are certified to BS EN 442.

Reina Albi mild steel flat panel radiator in bathroom, with an integrated mirror and towel bar

Featuring an integrated mirror, the Reina Albi is of mild steel in a white finish (500mm wide x 1790mm high)

Moreover, we have a number of radiator valves in stock – at unbeatable prices. These range in colour and style, and you can select from a manual or thermostatic. Check out the website for what is currently available – Reina discounts are added to the applicable items.

These are used to control how warm you want your room to be based on the volume of hot water flowing through the radiator. For a warmer room, use the thermostat on the valve to increase the levels of hot water entering and for a cooler room, lower the thermostat to prevent hot water entering.

This means you can have different levels of warmth in each of your rooms, including the bathroom.

Angled radiator valves in brushed finish

Reina Richmond angled radiator valves, in a brushed finish

Angled radiator valves shown in the above photo are for pipes that run through the wall and into your radiator. This provides a concealed look with no exposed pipes and a cleaner aesthetic. In comparison, straight valves are for pipes that come up from the floor, with no bends or curves.

If you’d like any assistance selecting the right rad or wanting further technical information, we would be more than happy to help. Pop into store, give us a call (0116 232 3222) or drop us an email


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