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The New Organic Cleaning Solution for a Healthy Bathroom


Probiotics? What are they? We hear the word constantly in the media around food and gut health, but what if we told you you can use probiotics to clean your home rather than conventional chemical cleaners…?


Introducing the modern (and sustainable) solution to disinfect your surfaces. Probiotic Craft have produced over 400 prototypes during their research at state-of-the-art laboratories to develop all-natural disinfectants – without compromising on effectiveness.


Uniting nature and science, as well as collaborating with doctors, the Lithuanian-based company have created bathroom cleaners, floor cleaners, fabric softeners and more. Made with ingredients from natural origins and enriched with the finest ingredients, it is no wonder these bottles are being swiped from the shelves.

Basin being cleaned with sponge and rubber glove, in a bathroom, using Probiotic Craft organic, natural cleaner

Bathroom basin sanitised using vegan and organic bathroom cleaner from Probiotic Craft


So how does it work?


First, we need to understand what “probiotics” are. Essentially, probiotics are good, living bacteria and yeasts. They are naturally found in our bodies as well as in our surrounding environments and are often referred to as “friendly” and thus have importance in our daily living.


Scientific research has proven the benefits of probiotics in the health of humans. Having a balanced microflora in the body creates a barrier of protection against bad bacteria. 


This prevention of the growth of harmful bacteria results in our body fighting infections more effectively as our immune system is stronger. (That means you can develop quicker recovery and healing processes and you are unwell for a shorter time).


A lack of our friendly bacteria may lead to various factors like ageing, stress and increased use of antibiotics – all because bad bacteria have been left to thrive. This causes a bacterial imbalance leading to potential problems like a poor working digestive system, causing bloating, constipation or heartburn. We are also at an increased risk of infection and disease. 


So what can we do to prevent these unhealthy issues? The presence of good bacteria means there is less space for the bad bacteria to reproduce to create these issues, so we need to elevate the numbers of our friendly microorganisms.


Replenishing the good bacteria in our bodies is key to increasing our quality of life. One way is through our diets – as they say: you are what you eat. You can get probiotics through fermented food like yoghurts or whole grains, which will feed the good bacteria. 


However, sometimes our surroundings also lack such probiotics, like our bathroom and lounge in the home. This is where Probiotic Craft come in.

As probiotics impact the bad bacteria internally, the same can be applied to the interior areas of the home. This includes baths, basins, and shower doors as well as kitchen worktops and floors. 

Infographic showing the difference probiotics infused cleaners make in regard to bacteria

The difference between using probiotics-infused cleaners versus chemical cleaners


Probiotic Craft have developed Ecocert and vegan sprays to sterilise the home. Research has been conducted through natural sciences to provide safe cleaning products to disinfect our homes whilst staying kind to our Earth.


Being fragrance and chemical-free, the Probiotic Craft line is suitable for use around pets, babies and young children, as well as those with allergies or skin sensitivity issues. Developed not only with doctors but also mothers and paediatricians, these cleaners have undergone rigorous testing. There’s a reason why 91% of mums who try these do not turn back to the general sprays on supermarket shelves.


Recognised for their excellence in eco-living solutions, the brand stands as a finalist in the 2022 Natural & Organic Awards Europe. We can opt for an organic-based product with confidence and reassurance.

Three of the Probiotic Craft organic cleaning bottles on display, with a stamp signifying 2022 finalists

Probiotic Craft standing as finalists for the Best New Eco-Living Product, in 2022


Providing some of the safest, non-irritant and effective cleaners on the market today, Baker and Soars have limited samples in stock. If this blog post sounds too good to be true, give it a go before you grab a 500ml bottle. See the goodness yourself (and give us feedback on your experience!).


Enjoy a safer and flourishing space through probiotic-infused homecare goodness. Featuring the finest ingredients from nature, with hazelnut oil, hyaluronic acid and lotus extracts to name a few, it’s no surprise these vegan cleaners work just as well as chemical-based cleaners – or even better. 


Organic, natural and proven to disinfect. Click away to purchase a bottle today. Instruction details are on the label of each 100% recyclable bottle. Though with the alluring design, we wonder if we could ever throw these away.


For more information, please check out You are also welcome to reach out to us via email at or call in to speak to a dedicated member of our team ON 0116 232 3222 – no robots in this business. 


Ameliorate your cleaning habits for a healthier lifestyle with Baker & Soars and Probiotic Craft.


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