Faren Melt Professional Drain Unblocker
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Faren Melt Professional Drain Unblocker

Faren Melt Professional Drain Unblocker

A substantial, strong and effective drain cleaner, the Faren Melt Professional Drain Unblocker is a must have for those pesky congestions. Whether you have problems with hair, fats and oils or wipes, the Melt Drain Unbloker is your solution. Environmentally safe, this product does not harm bacterial flora due its biodegradable nature.
- Works within two minutes
- Over 90% biodegradable
- Not harmful to bacterial flora or fauna in the septic tank as its actions lasts 25 minutes until it becomes intert
- Safe for drains as Melt does not damage PVC, Plastic, Lead, Metal or Rubber
- Professional and strong
- For steel, enamelled ceramic drains etc. or very small drains
- Comes with a safety kit of gloves and funnel

Recommended use:
You are advise to always wear PVC or Latex gloves
1) Remove any excess water from the drain
2) Very slowly pour into the blocked drain using a small plastic funnel
3) Wait for 30 minutes then pour a litre of cold water. Leave to work for 2-3 minutes. Drain/pour water to allow the blockage to flow away

Available as a box quantity - please contact us for discounts and further information.

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