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Fabdec Excelsior WZ Horizontal Solar Unvented Cylinder

Fabdec Excelsior WZ Horizontal Solar Unvented Cylinder
Fabdec Excelsior WZ Horizontal Solar Unvented Cylinder
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Technical and Fitting Information

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The Fabdec Excelsior Solar Horizontal Unvented Cylinder is a perfect example of British design and innovation at an affordable price. The inner vessel which is made of Duplex Stainless Steel provides a lightweight, high strength, corrosion resistant and low maintenance solution to water heating.

Features and benefits:

- Automatic replenishment of the explanation with no need to top up the air gap, saving time and money on maintenance

- No internal moving parts in the cylinder, ensuring long life

- Innovative Venturi valve installed on inlet assembly. No other additional parts required

- Improved packaging to offer benefits with compact installation spaces

- No external expansion vessel saving installation time

- Immersion heater, temperature and pressure valves insulated for added reduction in heat loss

- Green recycled materials used for outer casing

- 3 bar pressure at outlets (subject to adequate incoming pressure)

- All sizes WRAS approved

- Cylinder guaranteed for 25 years

- Duplex stainless steel so no sacrificial anode is needed, reducing maintenance

- UK designed and manufactured allowing for local support, spares and service back up

- Corrosion is eliminated with butt welded joints, giving you a longer cylinder life

- Inlet diffuser to maximise hot water

- High performance heating coil gives fast re-heat times and constant hot water

- 60mm insulation with outer casing minimises heat loss resulting in lower energy use

- High flow rates allow for fast filling baths with no shower pumps required

- Mains pressure to all outlets gives balanced hot and cold water for high performance showering

- Pre-plumbed cylinders available allowing ease of installation and minimal disruption to the consumer

- Twin or triple coil available, suiting all heat sources - useable with solar or heat pumps

- Excelsior with 3S Technology reduces installation time and is maintenance-free

- Hi-Flo Excelsior with 3S Technology suits larger domestic/commercial properties and gives higher flow rates

Further technical information stated below


Fabdec Product Specification

- Inlet diffuser: For optimal blending of cold and hot water (Excelsior i 3S, WDE, Solar, and Slimline ranges)

- Expansion: WXI - 3 bar internal expansion with 3S Technology, the patented, self-sustaining air-gap system

- Pressure test: Tested to 10 bar

- Secondary return: Standard fit on models 175L and above

- Approvals: BBA, CE, WRAS, KIWA, ISO, WRC

- Guarantee: Internal cylinder 25 years (Commercial cylinders carry 5years guarantee). Ancillary components 1 year

- Direct thermostat: Element thermostat, nominal setting 60 degrees Celsius

- Indirect model: 22mm diameter stainless steel high performance coil and outlet with 1 immersion heater.

- Direct model: 80L fitted with 1 immersion heater; 130-500L fitted with 2 immersion heaters

- Manufacturing: All UK using state-of-the-art robot technology

- Horizontal and Slimline: Suitable for roof voids and 450mm diameter specification.

- Renewables range: Solar, Heat Pump and Buffer vessels

Fabdec Product Construction - Typical

- Immersion heater: 3kw, 240V, 1ph, Incoloy 825, with thermostat incl. cut-out

- Thermal insulation: CFC/HCFC free, (ODP=0, GWP=1), 60mm fire retardant insulation (50mm on 400L and 500L vessels)

- Outer casing: P200 Plastisol

- Inner cylinder: Duplex stainless steel

- Heating coil: High performance, finned

- Indirect thermostat: Twin thermostat with independent reset, 30-70 degrees Celsius

- Safety device: Factory fitted with 7 bar 90 degrees Celsius pressure & temperature relief valve

- Connections: Secondary return on 175L & above