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Solar Water Heater - 100L

Solar Water Heater - 100L
Solar Water Heater - 100L
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This direct solar water heater consists of solar vacuum tubes (heat pipes), a water tank and a stand. It can be used in open vented or pressurised systems and as pre-heat for existing cylinders or even combi boilers.
Working Principle: It is based on the Thermosyphon principle, which is a higly efficient solar thermal process. Solar vacuum tubes absorb and focus the heat onto the inner heat tubes (collectors) and hence discharge the collected heat to the water tank thereby raising its temperature.
Key Features include:
- Built in 1.5kw immersion heater to top up the temperature on Cold and cloudy days
- Stainless steel, integrated tank(hence no electricity needed) can be mounted on a pitched or flat roof
- 15 year guarantee
- Free Hot Water!
- Comes complete with tubes, frames and brackets
On display at Baker and Soars

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