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Fabdec Excelsior Direct Horizontal Unvented Cylinder

Fabdec Excelsior Direct Horizontal Unvented Cylinder
Fabdec Excelsior Direct Horizontal Unvented Cylinder
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A perfect example of British design and innovation at an affordable price, the Fabdec Excelsior Direct Horizontal Unvented Cylinder is no exception to the rule. The inner vessel which is made of Duplex Stainless Steel provides a lightweight, high strength, corrosion resistant and low maintenance solution to water heating.
- High performance heating coil
- 60mm Insulation, highest in the market
- Eco-friendly, recyclable stainless steel
- 25 Year Guarantee
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Product Attributes



Size, Diameter, Length, Code

130L, 576mm, 957mm, WZ-0130-D2-A3

150L, 576mm, 1085mm, WZ-0150-D2-A3

175L, 576mm, 1242mm, WZ-0175-D2-A3

215L, 576mm, 1484mm, WZ-0215-D2-A3

255L, 576mm, 1752mm, WZ-0255-D2-A3

305L, 576mm, 2028mm, WZ-0305-D2-A3

Fabdec Product Specification

- Inlet diffuser: For optimal blending of cold and hot water (Excelsior i 3S, WDE, Solar, and Slimline ranges)

- Expansion: 3 bar internal expansion with 3S Technology, the patented, self-sustaining air-gap system (Pioneer 2 bar internal expansion, WDE 3 bar external expansion).

- Pressure test: Tested up to 10 bar.

- Secondary return: Standard fit on models 175L and above excluding Pioneer range

- Approvals: BBA, CE, WRAS, KIWA, ISO, WRC.

- Guarantee: Internal cylinder 25 years (Pioneer cylinders 10 year guarantee). Ancillary components 1 year.

- Direct thermostat: Element thermostat, nominal setting 60 degrees Celsius.

- Indirect model: 22mm diameter stainless steel high performance coil and 1 immersion heater.

- Direct model: 70-80L fitted with 1 immersion heater, 115-500L fitted with 2 immersion heaters.

- Manufacturing: All UK using state-of-the-art robot technology.

- Horizontal and Slimline: Suitable for roof voids and 450mm diameter specification.

- Renewables range: Solar and Heat Pump vessels.

Fabdec Product Construction - Typical

- Immersion heater: 3kw, 240V, 1ph, Incoloy 825, with thermostat incl. cut-out.

- Thermal insulation: CFC-HCFC free, (ODP=0, GWP=1), 60mm fire retardant insulation (50mm on 400L and 500L vessels).

- Outer casing: Plastisol (Pioneer range in polyester).

- Inner cylinder: Duplex stainless steel.

- Heating coil: High performance, finned.

- Indirect thermostat: Twin thermostat with independent reset, 30-70 degrees Celsius.

- Safety device: Factory fitted with 7 bar 90 degrees Celsius pressure & temperature relief valve.

- Connections: Secondary return on 175L & above (excludes pioneer range).


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