Joule Unvented Indirect Cylinder
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Joule Unvented Indirect Cylinder

Joule Unvented Indirect Cylinder

The Joule Unvented Indirect Cylinder is the water heating implement for you with a prestigious manufacturer at its back with a customer care ethos that also includes an installer friendly design. The ease at which it can be imbued into your house is too good to miss.
- 25 year warranty
Quick Reference: 4280
- Please call for more information regarding possible delivery and stock availability




Product Attributes



Size, Diameter, Height, Code (all codes ending with S are short variants)

125L, 540mm, 1030mm, JL125

150L, 540mm, 1190mm, JL150

170L, 540mm, 1310mm, JL170

200L, 600mm, 1150mm, JL200S

200L, 540mm, 1490mm, JL200

250L, 600mm, 1400mm, JL250S

250L, 540mm, 1815mm, JL250

300L, 600mm, 1600mm, JL300S

300L, 540mm, 2040mm, JL300

400L, 710mm, 1570mm, JL400

500L, 710mm, 1900mm, JL500


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