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Delta Dore Tybox 827 Wireless Programmer with Built-in Thermostat

Delta Dore Tybox 827 Wireless Programmer with Built-in Thermostat

This Tybox 827 Wireless Programmer by Delta Dore has a modern, simplistic design and has a built in thermostat.5 Year guarantee.

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Easy to install:

- Can be installed away from the boiler thanks to the wireless receiver

- Daily or weekly programming, customisable for each zone

- Annual display of maintenance service information for the boiler or heat pump

- Circulator anti-seizing feature

Technical features:

- Comes supplied with 2 AAA batteries

- Battery life: 2 years

- Receiver power supply: 230V

- Contact output: 3A

- Control range from 5 to 30 degrees celcius

Simple to use:

- Programming of up to 6 temperatures per day

- Precision programming through the choice of programming increments: 1h / 1/2h / 1/4h

- Maximises comfort thanks to its precision programming, to the nearest 1/4 hour, 1/2 hour or hour

- Override function: ability to manually adjust the temperature when needed without changing the programmes

- Automatic Summer / Winter time change

- Away program for an absence of 1 to 365 days

- Room temperature reading


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