Roman Showers Lumin8 Pivot Door Shower Enclosure
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Roman Showers Lumin8 Pivot Door Shower Enclosure

Roman Showers Lumin8 Pivot Door Shower Enclosure
Roman Showers Lumin8 Pivot Door Shower Enclosure
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The Roman Showers Pivot Door Shower Enclosure is a minimalist's dream. Offering a space conservative design that is crafted to ensure no corners are cut on its culminated appearance. In an enclosure that is easy on the eyes and ultimately suited to purpose with functional features, an emphasis is placed on it being your ideal 'space saving solution' with certain adaptions that make it versatile and suited to your showering experience.

Roman Showers is the UK's leading shower designer and manufacturer, with a product range that covers high quality shower enclosures, low level shower trays, state-of-the-art water delivery systems a range of appealing bathroom accessories and much, much more. Roman offers something for every sector within the showering market, from a price conscious range, through to the more exclusively designed showering solutions for luxurious bathrooms.

Tray sold separately
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In-Line Panel:

Side Panel:



Code, Description, Size(mm), Aperture(mm), Adjustments(mm)

V8F7613S, Pivot door, 760, 465, 700-750

V8F13S, Pivot door, 800, 505, 740-790

V8F913S, Pivot door, 900, 605, 840-890

V8F1013S, Pivot door, 1000, 705, 940-990

V8GL7613S, Side Panel, 760, ----, 710-735

V8GL813S, Side Panel, 800, ----, 750-775

V8GL913S, Side Panel, 900, -----, 850-875

VZEX2S, Extension Profile, 1950 high, ----, -----

V8HL213S, In- Line Panel, 200,----, +200mm to door sizes

V8HL313S, In- Line Panel, 300, ----, +300mm to door sizes

- 1950mm High

- 8mm glass thickness

- Chromed brass hinges

- Chromed brass handle

- Bright silver frame

- Minimal low profile seals

- Pivot Door must be hinged from wall

- 25mm vertical adjustment in each profile

- Straight to floor or with tray

- Lifetime guarantee

- Made in Britain


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