Lakes Coastline Collection Andora
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Lakes Coastline Collection Andora

Lakes Coastline Collection Andora
Lakes Coastline Collection Andora
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The Lakes Coastline Collection Andora is strong and well structured in appearance lending itself to the modern design that is made essential throughout these range of enclosures, but ultimately stands out from the crowd and makes for a desirable enclosure.
- Frameless & semi-frameless
- 8mm glass
- Silver finish
- 2m high
- Fully reversible
- Wet room or tray
- Lifetime guarantee
- AllClear as standard
Quick Reference: 6076
*Please Note*
- To create your Andora shower enclosure you will need to select one product from each table.
- Shower Screen = A, Return Panel = B, Side Panel = C







Product Attributes

Return Panel:

Shower Panel:

Side Panel:


Shower Panel (A)

700mm x 2000mm: 720mm Width, no adjustment

750mm x 2000mm: 770mm Width, no adjustment

850mm x 2000mm: 870mm Width, no adjustment

950mm x 2000mm: 970mm Width, no adjustment

1050mm x 2000mm: 1078mm Width, no adjustment

1150mm x 2000mm: 1178mm Width, no adjustment

1350mm x 2000mm: 1378mm Width, no adjustment

Bypas Panel (B)

200mm x 2000mm: 200mm Width, no adjustment

320mm x 2000mm: 320mm Width, no adjustment

400mm x 2000mm: 397mm Width, no adjustment

End Panel (C)

700mm x 2000mm: 670mm - 705mm Width, adjustment

750mm x 2000mm: 720mm - 755mm Width, adjustment

800mm x 2000mm: 770mm - 805mm Width, adjustment

900mm x 2000mm: 870mm - 905mm Width, adjustment

1000mm x 2000mm: 970mm - 1005mm Width, adjustment


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