Lakes Classic Semi-Frameless Double Slider Door
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Lakes Classic Semi-Frameless Double Slider Door

Lakes Classic Semi-Frameless Double Slider Door
Lakes Classic Semi-Frameless Double Slider Door
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The Semi-Frameless Double Slider Door is a door suitable for much larger enclosures, and as a result of that - larger bathrooms. However, with its a sleek metallic silver finish and spacious appeal it makes up for size by functioning exceptionally well for a larger design. Ideal for those who want to bathe in luxury with a modest concept.Also available to buy, this product comes in a Mirrored variant which includes a mirror either side of the doors.
Of all the rooms in your home, the bathroom should be a space for refreshment and relaxation. A statement that is carried through each individual design, innovation and acute craftsmanship. Coming with a lifetime guarantee and a superior as standard promise Lakes Bathrooms go the extra mile in quality and functionality.
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Product Attributes





- 1200mm door: 1140mm x 1200mm width adjustment, 430mm door opening size

- 1400mm door: 1340mm x 1400mm width adjustment, 530mm door opening size

- 1500mm door: 1440mm x 1500mm width adjustment, 580mm door opening size

- 1600mm door: 1540mm x 1600mm width adjustment, 630mm door opening size

- 1700mm door: 1640mm x 1700mm width adjustment, 680mm door opening size

- 1800mm door: 1740mm x 1800mm width adjustment, 730mm door opening size

- 2000mm door: 1940mm x 2000mm width adjustment, 830mm door opening size

*Please Note*

- Prices may vary based upon selection, please check the slection boxes below

- Shower enclosure is 1850mm high excluding tray

- Only the 1700mm door is available in the Mirrored variant

- More tray sizes are available, please contact us for more information

Product Codes

- 1200mm x 1850mm LKV2DS120 05

- 1400mm x 1850mm LKV2DS140 05

- 1500mm x 1850mm LKV2DS150 05

- 1600mm x 1850mm LKV2DS160 05

- 1700mm x 1850mm LKV2DS170 05

- 1800mm x 1850mm LKV2DS180 05

- 2000mm x 1850mm LKV2DS200 05

- 1700mm x 1850mm Mirrored: LKV2DS170M 05

Tray Codes

- 1200mm x 800mm: LKTR8012 (Centre waste)

- 1200mm x 900mm:LKTR9012(Centre waste)

- 1400mm x 800mm:LKTR8014(Centre waste)

- 1400mm x 900mm:LKTR9014(Centre waste)

- 1500mm x 800mm:LKTR8015(Centre waste)

- 1600mm x 800mm:LKTR8016(Centre waste)

- 1700mm x 760mm:LKTR7617(Centre waste)

- 1700mm x 800mm:LKTR8017(Centre waste)

- 1800mm x 900mm:LKTR9018(Centre waste)

- 2000mm x 900mm:LKTR9020(Twin waste)


-Available in a stunning silver finish

- Mirror version available

- Lifetime guarantee from Lakes Bathrooms

- AllClear stay-clean coating on both side of the glass

PureVue HD is Lakes Bathrooms new superior as standard glass. PureVue HD has very high transmission levels that enable a clearer and brighter view. Commonly costing as much as 50% more than standard glass, Lakes Bathrooms have adhered to their superior as standard motto and included PureVue HD glass at no extra cost on their Classic and Coastline ranges.


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