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Kermi Cada Bi-Fold Door 1900 High White

Kermi Cada Bi-Fold Door 1900 High White

A wonderfully designed Bi-Fold door ensures your best showering experiences with no hassle at all. The Kermi Cada Bi-Fold Door 1900 High White ensures you get the best every time.

- Framed door with two folding door sections, opening inwards to one side

- 3mm single panel safety glass in accordance with DIN EN 12150, CadaClean coating included

- Profiles made of high-quality anodised aluminium, handles are made of high-quality chrome-plated plastic

- Adjustment in each wall profile 35mm

- End-to-end magnetic seals and sealing profiles

- Fixing pack included

- Made in Germany

- 20 years spare part availability guarantee after the model has been discontinued

- See below for technical details

Quick Reference: 2249


Enclosure height: 1900mm

- 700mm:

Adjustment range: 640-710mm, Entry width: 435mm,

Folding part to inside: 295mm, Code: CA FTD 07019 2PK

- 800mm:

Adjustment range: 740-810mm, Entry width: 555mm,

Folding part to inside: 345mm, Code: CA FTD 08019 2PK

- 900mm:

Adjustment range: 840-910mm, Entry width: 625mm,

Folding part to inside: 395mm, Code: CA FTD 09019 2PK

- 1000mm:

Adjustment range: 940-1010mm, Entry width: 755mm,

Folding part to inside: 445mm, Code: CA FTD 10019 2PK