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Reina Osimo Steel Designer Radiator

Reina Osimo Steel Designer Radiator
Reina Osimo Steel Designer Radiator
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This stylish Reina Osimo Vertical Designer Radiator has a simple but sleek design for you home.Reina have prided themselves in their contributions towards the improvements of peoples home and in turn their life-styles. The inspiration to compose an ultra-modern living space alongside more traditional options is seldom found elsewhere, this quality of innovation and design integrity is the standard that Reina has set out to achieve and has done so magnificently.
Available in Chrome only.
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Product Attributes



Height - 1800mm / 1800mm / 1800mm / 1800mm

Length - 290mm / 430mm / 290mm / 430mm

Pipe Centres - 290mm / 430mm / 290mm / 430mm

Wall to Pipe Centres - 42mm / 42mm / 42mm / 42mm

Wall Distance - 75mm / 75mm / 75mm / 75mm

Fuel Type - Central Heating Systems Only

Heat Output BTU - 2100mm / 3050mm / 2520mm / 3660mm

Heat Output Watts - 616mm / 894mm / 739mm / 1073mm


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