Aestus Diapason Designer radiator
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Aestus Diapason Designer radiator

Aestus Diapason Designer radiator

The Aestus Diapason Designer Radiator 1800 High is an elegant product that will suit most modern or classical interiors. Installed vertically with equally spaced 16mm heating tubes, crafted in the highest quality steel to ensure the product reflects the innovative design and effort to bring you a superior radiator and equally the perfect warming experience. You'll be happy knowing you have a keen eye for a brilliant purchase.. Aestus Radiators are designed for people who care about how they live. The home of distinguished radiators, set yourself out from the crowd and dazzle with the most luxurious and elaborate designs on the market aimed at generating an air of authentic contemporary prestige that you will be hard pressed to find elsewhere. Enjoy the warmth and comfort of Aestus Radiator's everytime you step into your room.
Height 1800mm x (width) 300mm / 450mm / 600mm
Output at T50°C BTU: 660 / 924 / 1188
Output at T50°C Watts: 2252 / 3152 / 4053
Available in White
10 year quality assurance guarantee.
*Please Note*
Suitable for closed circuit central heating systems only.
Additional RAL colours are available at a 20% extra cost. Please contact us for more information
Quick Reference: 7201




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