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Why are combined bidets more environmentally-friendly?


Firstly, what is a bidet? Some may describe it as a shower toilet or a WC, but put simply it’s a “low oval basin used for washing after toilet use.” A combined bidet is a normal toilet, but with a built-in washing feature that functions as a simple-to-use cleaning device to leave you feeling shower-fresh.

There are numerous types of bidets, the most popular being stand-alone bidets. They are separate instalments and not classed as a toilet as they’re used solely for self-cleaning purposes. Integrated bidets include a spray jet which is built into a toilet and, thirdly, bidet attachments can be moved to fit and adjust onto other toilet seats.

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Using a bidet reduces the requirement for toilet paper by up to 80%! Thus using less bark from trees which in turn has many benefits. By using less toilet paper, we save many animal habitats which are beneficial for our ecosystem as well as trees releasing more oxygen into the air and absorbing more carbon dioxide. Additionally, using 28 lbs of toilet paper per year links to 384 trees being cut down. Furthermore, it saves huge amounts of water and energy that goes into the manufacture and transportation process of making toilet paper and saves effluence falling out back into the environment. A bidet also uses one-eighth of a gallon of water compared to around 37 gallons of water to make one roll of toilet paper – ensuring more water is saved via bidet usage!

Creavit Elegant Rimless Combined Bidet - Wall Hung Pan...

Moreover, it prevents people from using wipes that are non-biodegradable and can have a drastic knock-on effect on the environment. Wet wipes cause around 93% of material in blockages. In addition to this, they both cause harm to sewer systems and have the potential to block pipes. Equally important, cheaper toilet paper that can be bought may not disintegrate when flushed down the toilet and can cause a build-up of a blockage in pipes leading to blockages and concerns in sewer systems. One way to check if your toilet paper breaks down properly is to hold it under a running tap and ensure it deteriorates down the waste in small pieces, if it stays in shape in a stretchy line, chances are it may cause a blockage!

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Lastly, using a bidet is much more hygienic and better health-wise in the long term rather than just depending on toilet paper solely. It leaves you with added cleanliness and can reduce rashes and other medical infections such as haemorrhoids.

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In conclusion, bidets save on less water and energy overall compared to toilet paper and they are also a great investment to make for the long term as they have long durability.


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