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Impey are an established wetroom specialist manufacturer based in the UK. Pioneering wetroom technology by creating the first wetroom former with a built-in gradient, Impey have continued to boast their wetroom talents by creating innovative and high quality products for your benefit. With over a quarter of a million products installed successfully across the UK, and growing, with a lifetime guarantee on selected products, Impey boasts a flexible range of wetroom products to satisfy any users needs for that perfect wetroom.




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Impey Aqua-Dec EasyFit Wetroom Floor Former

The Aqua-dec 'EasyFit' wetroom floor former has revolutionised wetroom installation. Manufactured


Impey Aqua-Dec Linear 2 Wetroom Floor Former

The Aqua-Dec Linear 2 wetroom floor former features two gradients to assist flow to the linear dra


Impey Aqua-Dec Linear 3 Wetroom Floor Former

The Aqua-Dec Linear 3 wetroom floor former tray features 3 gradient planes to help deliver a flow


Impey Aqua-Dec Linear 4 Wetroom Floor Former

Aqua-Dec Linear 4 wetroom floor former features four gradients to assist flow to the linear drain


Impey Aqua-Screen X 10mm Glass Panel

When you require a shower panel that is sturdy and guaranteed to bring your room together, the Imp


Impey Curved Hand Rail

The Impey Curved Hand Rail comes in a sleek chrome finish designed to enhance your wetroom experie


Impey Double Corner Basket

The Impey Double Corner Basket is a fine choice for an accessory that improves your showering and

Our Price:£100.36

Impey Foot Rest

The Impey Foot Rest comes in a sleek chrome finish that will enhance your showering experience thi

Our Price:£48.45

Impey Hanging Double Basket

The Impey Hanging Double Basket comes in a sleek chrome finish suitable for holding your shower pr

Our Price:£118.53

Impey Robe Hook

The Impey Robe Hook is an elegant piece, a sleek and easy fitting it is the perfect accessory for

Our Price:£19.77

Impey Shower Squeegee

The Impey Shower Squeegee comes with a sleek chrome finish and is guaranteed to be a suitable addi

Our Price:£29.99

Impey SlimFold Bench

Impey Showers has designed a specialised shower bench that is ideal for those who need independenc

Our Price:£208.62

Impey Straight Hand Rail

The Impey Straight Hand Rail provides peace of mind and suitability when enjoying your Wetroom exp


Impey Waterguard Kit WG10

Fully compatible with 150W/m2 under floor heating systems, this Impey Waterguard Kit WG10 is provi

Our Price:£289.37

Impey Waterguard Kit WG5

Provided with what you need, this Impey Waterguard Kit WG5 is fully compatible with 150W/m2 under

Our Price:£214.24