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Unvented Water Heaters

Unvented Water Heaters

Durable unvented water heaters 





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Heatrae Sadia Aquatap Water Heater

This Heatrae Sadia Aquatap Water Heater has a high end, modern design that will look great an


Heatrae Sadia Hotflo 10 Unvented Water Heater

This Water Heater from Heatrae has a modern design, along with durbale parts and construction, mea


Heatrae Sadia Multipoint Horizontal or Vertical

This Multipoint water hearer from Heatrae utilises clean, simple design, but manages to combine it


Heatrae Sadia Multipoint Unvented Water Heater

This Multipoint Unvented Water Heater has a clean, universal design that wouldn't look out of


Heatrae Sadia Pack U2 Expansion Vessel, Expansion Valve, Check Valve

This expansion vessel and check valve is a must for your heater. When fully charged, the expansion

Our Price:£218.02

Heatrae Sadia Pack U3 Multipoint or Hotflo Thermostatic Blending Valve, Check Valve

This pack allows water to be safely stored above 60°C and has a fail-safe shutdown. Connect

Our Price:£195.20

Heatrae Sadia Pack U5 Hotflo Expansion Vessel, Check Valve

When charged, this Expansion Vessel will absorb all expanded water that has been produced by the H

Our Price:£120.00

Heatrae Sadia Pack U6 Hotflo Combined Pressure Reducing Valve and Strainer

This Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve from Heatrae Sadia is recommended to give additional le

Our Price:£132.00

Zip Varipoint Undersink Water Heater 15L

Zip Varipoint unvented water heater for single or multiple outlets, uses conventional tap-ware -

Our Price:£195.00