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Baker and Soars combination boiler installation/replacement service.

Prices start from £1,800 including all materials and labour* with next day service and quote within 2 hours between 10am-4pm.**
We fit Worcester Greenstar boilers only, with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty and boiler registration notification included. Our boilers are fitted by gas safe registered installers with all-inclusive system flushing, filter, and scale inhibitor.

*Subject to location, within 50 miles of LE1 only
**Subject to availability
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Where is your boiler located? E.g. Upstairs airing cupboard.
Where is your condense located? Pre 2005 boilers will not have a condense, if applicable to you please provide the location of the nearest drain to the boiler.
Where is your Gas meter located and how far is it from your boiler? E.g. Adjoining garage, 5 metres.
What is your current Flue arrangement?
What is your Postcode? (required)
Is there sufficient parking availability for a large van, or similar?
Please attach the following images (jpg/png only) (required):
1. Gas meter location
2. Existing Boiler in location
3. Flue arrangement (including outside and all internal sections)
4. Image of condense pipe to condense pipe outlet (commonly white plastic pipe, 21mm diameter). Please note: As stated above, pre 2005 boilers will not have a condense. Please provide an image of the nearest drain to the boiler.

Please note: Click - + Additional images - until the option disappears before attaching files.

Company registration number 04385962 registered office is Unit 1 33 Parker Drive, Leicester, LE4 0JP

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